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What exactly is a GEL?

It's our centralised and single source of truth to our digital brand, design and experience. It demonstrates our key principles and approach, as well as a system of reusable interaction patterns and design components, so that you have everything you need to know about how we communicate to our customers and how we design and develop for our digital platforms, tools and products.

It's not a set of strict rules that need to be followed, but a set of guidelines and a toolkit for anyone involved in building digital tools and products at AEMO, that will evolve through it's use and application.


Why do we need a GEL?

AEMO is at a point of great change, opportunity and growth and we want to support that through a strategically planned design system that can scale to support us as we grow.

Some of the key areas of benefit include:

Increase our ability to update or deliver new digital products Save costs by sharing design effort across multiple projects Sharing design effort, creates consistency in our customers experiences across design, interaction and tone of voice Improve brand perception All of the above, allows us to focus on the right problems to solve, and assists in creating exceptional experiences for our users and customers

We're here to help While we are just starting out on this journey, our priority is to help support the business. We believe the GEL will provide support during the creation of or any updates to our tools and services through a set of principles and repeatable patterns that will allow teams to focus their creativity and problem-solving abilities in critical areas.