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Business Analyst

The AEMO GEL tool can be utilised by Business Analysts to adopt a consistent methodology for creating a user-friendly experience. Even if you don't use the component kits, our system enables teams to select and use only what you need.

Find the "right" problem to solve

The main goal of UX design research is to inform the design process from the perspective of the end user. Explore customer problems to solve and opportunities to add value to our users.

design thinking

Guide your rationales using our fundamental values and principles.


Use low fidelity wireframe to quickly test your solution to your defined problem.

Ideating, brainstorming and workshopping

Identify and assess potential business opportunities by running various workshops with the stakeholders using the toolkits catered to do so efficiently.

  • Find our starter kitTODO that can help you bring to speed for your projects.
  • UX templatesTODO allows you to ideate, brainstorm and run workshops.

By having a solid understanding of the design foundations at AEMO, you can approach your work, allowing you to make well-informed decisions at every stage of the design and decision-making process.


Accessible palettes that achieve consistency.


Fonts to communicate our brand personality.


Designed to communicate meaning and aid navigation.


Ensuring that we can create a single solution and scale it to all devices and operating systems.


Ensuring that our solutions consider the needs of all our digital customers.