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Tech Writer

Streamline your product development and accelerate your writing process creating consistent, scalable products with curated resources for Tech Writers at AEMO.

Writing foundations

writing guidelines

Conventions to make writing clear, consistent, and easier to communicate.

How GEL enables tech writers

  • Flexibility: Tech writers provide the basis to adapt the content to different context and needs of the user. Tech writers can create flexible content to be reused in a variety of products and platforms.
  • Continuous improvement: Tech writers can use the design system to gather feedback from users and other stakeholders to improve documentation and content.
  • Brand consistency: Tech writers dictate the standard of tone and voice used in alignment with the brand and the company's overall messaging. With this inclusion, consumers of the GEL, including UX designers, BAs, and developers get a better idea of what tone of voice, language, and styles to use.
  • Collaboration and communication: The GEL stays as a middle ground between tech writers, UX designers, developers, BAs and product managers, by providing a common language and framework for product development, the GEL ensures all teams are on the same page and working towards the same goal to reduce misunderstandings and errors in documentation and content.