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Steps component is an indicator for steps in a wizard workflow.


There are 3 different sized varients of steps provided in GEL. Default(SM), MD and LG.

Steps types


Steps demo


  • Steps are used when the user are not regular to the process/workflow and require assistance to complete the workflow.
  • Steps allows user to fill in data one by one before moving to another step in the the workflow.
  • When using steps, make sure the steps are not very long. A 15 step wizard would not be intuitive for the user to go through.
  • Refrain from using a step component inside another step. The process should be for only one end result.

When to use

  • Use steps when the workflow is new for the user or occasional.
  • Use steps as indicator of a user's progress within a process, i.e, in a checkbout flow.

Designer assets

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Developer API

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