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A checkbox is an input control that allows a user to select one or more options from number of choices.


There are a total of 6 variations of checkboxes available in GEL to choose from.

Checkbox Types


Checkbox demo


  • Checkboxes options ideally should be stacked vertically, however can be horizontally placed if the width is sufficient.
  • All checkbox should be followed by text in a from.
  • Users are able to select an option by clicking/tapping either the checkbox or its label.
  • Consider using a Select if the options provided are more than 5.
  • An intermediate state of checkbox can also be displayed when only some options are selected.

When to use

  • Checkboxes are used in a form or multiselect dropdown for a user to indicate a selection of one or more options.D

When not to use

  • If you are wanting to have a change immediately applied when an option is selected, consider using a toggle/switch instead.
  • If selecting an option would change the state or view of other content, consider using a segmented control instead.


Checkbox do and don't

Designer assets

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Developer API

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