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Confirm Popup

Confirm popup displays a confirmation overlay displayed relatively to its target.


There are 2 different confirm popups: Default and Danger with 2 different variants for each in terms of size.

Confirm popups types


Confirm popups demo


  • Confirm popup should be used when the the confirmation can be displayed relative to the action button.
  • Use “Spacer 1” gap between the action element and the confirmation popups.
  • Dialog box and modals are of the highest elevation states in the system. Use “Elevation LG” for Confirmation popups.
  • Start position of the popup should be left aligned to the action item.

When to use

  • Use confirm popup for confirming an action the user is about to take without interrupting any flow.
  • When the user requires a spot action to a CTA.

When not to use

  • If the user requires uninterrupted attention and action must be taken before moving forward, consider using modal instead.
  • If the CTA doesn't require confirmation of any kind and just displaying additional actions, consider using other appropriate components such as menuinstead.


Confirm popups consideration

Designer assets

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Developer API

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