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Button Control

Button controls are CTAs that are used to trigger events in infographics and tables.


A total of three button controls are available in GEL.

Button control types


Button control demo


  • Button control are actionable items that can be used for infographics/charts and tables.
  • Button control are similar to Toolbar but differs in the fact that it acts a sole actionable item rather than group.
  • Button control with dropdown can be clicked like any other CTAs but it will show the list of options upon click without the ability to type.
  • The gap between control-buttons on the same line is spacer-2.

Button control dropdown demo

When to use

  • Button control can be used in cohesion with Segmented control and Toolbar for infographics/charts and tables.

Designer assets

Hey Designers, please find the Figma assets here. If you want permission to access the file, please contact Experience Design CoP.

Developer API

Hey Developers, find out the tech documentation of this compoment on PrimeVue. If you have issue, please contact Development CoP