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Inputs are the most basic component for capturing and submitting user data.


There are a total of 40 input variations to choose from. They are primarily divided into 4 different states (Default, Active, Filled, Disabled, and Error) of inputs.

StatesSub States
Input StateInput Substate


Input demo


  • Use inputs when the user needs to provide value to the form.
  • Avoid using inputs that trigger immediate change: a page refresh.
  • Label: Labels in an input field informs the user what the field is used for.
  • Required: Required option in an input informs the user if the field is mandatory.
  • Placeholder: Placeholders in addition to labels allows providing additional information to the user in regards to what the input field is being used for.
  • Inline Message: These messages are displayed upon the validation of the input fillled ideally an error message is displayed on a much frequent basis.
  • Help Text: Help Text provide user with further explanantion of the input field. Help text can be a small paragraph.

When to use

  • Use Inputs when the user has to put in a value inside a form.


Input demo

Designer assets

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Developer API

Hey Developers, find out the tech documentation of this compoment on PrimeVue. If you have issue, please contact GEL Community